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Leopold Krakauer (March 1890 – December 1954) was an architect and a painter. He was one of the most prominent architects working in Israel in the 1920’s. Krakauer was also a painter who had many drawing and painting exhibitions in Israel and throughout the world.

Leopold Krakauer was born in Vienna, the capital of Austria on March 30, 1890. He attended the Royal Imperial High School in Vienna. Then, from 1907–12, Krakauer was a student at the Department of Engineering and Architecture, a Technical College in Vienna. In 1909, he studied architecture at the Imperial Academy of Arts in Vienna.

During World War I, Krakauer served on the Italian front while He working on his own designs. In 1919, Krakauer had an exhibition in Vienna. At this exhibition, he met his wife, Greta Wolfe. From 1920–1921, Krakauer participated in the planning of the parliament building in Belgrade.

Being one of the finest architects of the International Style of his time, Krakauer immigrated to Palestine with his wife in 1924 after winning an architectural competition for Palestine and soon became involved in architectural projects. He began to work under the leadership of Alexander Baerwald in Haifa. Later, Leopold Krakauer moved to Jerusalem. He worked on designing many houses in Jerusalem as well as public buildings in other parts of Israel. Krakauer was the first to bring the architects of modern architecture to Israel. Krakauer was particularly inspired by the architect Adolf Loos, who was also a frequent visitor to his home in Vienna.

In 1948, he was appointed as a member of the Committee of the Flag Symbol, under the Provisional State Council. Krakauer helped chose the symbol of Israel.

Most of Leopold Krakauer's graphic work focused on field drawing. He felt connected to the Expressionists and many of his works depict Jerusalem and it's landscapes. His works can be found in museums in Amsterdam, Munich, Zurich as well as all over Europe.

Leopold Krakauer died in 1954.


1907-1912      Royal Imperial High School, Vienna
1909               Department of Engineering and Architecture, Technical College, Vienna
1909              Architecture, Royal Imperial Academy of Plastic Arts, Vienna


1911             Hagenmuller Prize for Excellence, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna
1924             Füger Gold Medal, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Vienna
1924             First Prize, Architectural Competition, Palestine


1943            Drawings; Tel Aviv Art Museum, Tel Aviv
1954            Drawings; The Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem
1964            Memorial Exhibition; The Bezalel National Museum, Jerusalem
1971            Memorial Exhibition; Jerusalem Artists' House, Jerusalem
1971            Selected Drawings; Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
1974            Leopold Krakaur: Drawings; Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1977            Leopold Krakauer – Jerusalem; Debel Gallery, Ein Kerem, Jerusalem
1977            Drawings and Architecture; Traveling Exhibition, Israel
1996            Leopold Krakauer - Painter and Architect; Israel Museum, Jerusalem
2002            Krakauer - Selected Drawings 1920 – 1953; Gordon Gallery, Tel Aviv
2005            Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit; Reuben and Edith Hecht Museum, Haifa