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Born 1954 in South Africa, he immigrated to Israel in 1961.  Abramson lived and worked in Jerusalem until 2011, when he moved to Tel Aviv.  Larry Abramson is a painter who has exhibited extensively in Israel and abroad.  His exhibition "tsooba" (Kibbutz Art Gallery, Tel Aviv, 1995) became the focus of a critical discourse around Israeli "scopic regimes" and in particular the role of abstraction as a mechanism of denial.  In May 2005 his exhibition "The Pile" opened at the Felix-Nussbaum-Haus in Osnabrueck, and later traveled to the Ein Harod Museum in Israel. He held two special museum projects, "Searching for the Ideal City" at the Magnes Museum, Berkeley (2005), and "Mini Israel" at the Israel Museum, Jerusalem (2006). 

Over the past 25 years he has participated in many exhibitions and other projects in opposition to the occupation and in support of peaceful and equal coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians.  He is a founding member of "Artists Without Walls", a dialogue group of Israeli and Palestinian artists. Larry Abramson was Chairman of the Bezalel Academy's Fine Art department between 1992-1999, and in 1996 became the founding director of the Bezalel Program for Young Artists, the post-graduate program which became the first Master of Fine Art course in Israel (jointly with the Hebrew University). 


Studied Foundation Course, Chelsea School of Art, London 

Chelsea School of Art, London 


The Beatrice S. Kolliner Award for a Young Israeli Artist, Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel 

America Israel Cultural Foundation 

Zak Ohana Prize, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv 

Sharet Award for Culture and Art, Ministry of Science, Culture and Sport 1998 The Minister of Education, Culture Prize, Ministry of Culture and Education 2007 Mendel and Eva Pundik Foundation Prize for an Israeli Artist, Tel Aviv Museum.


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