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Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing original paintings by Jean Jansem. 
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Jean Jansem was a French-Armenian painter. Known for his washy representational paintings of nude women, still lifes, and figures, Jansem painted with a variety of media that included gouache, watercolor, ink, and oil in a stylized and textural aesthetic. 

 Born on March 9, 1920 in Bursa, Turkey, he fled his home country and Greece in his early childhood, eventually settling in Paris, where he began to paint. Bolstered by study at the Ecole des Arts Decoratifs in the 1930s, his early work was concerned with his shifting national identity and uniquely global outlook. 

 Jansem work received critical attention throughout his career, garnering honors like induction into the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1953, knighthood by the French Legion of Honour in 2003, and reception of a Medal of Honor from the President of Armenia in 2010. 

 He died in Paris, France on August 27, 2013.


Public Collections

Modern Art Museum, Paris, France
Poitiers Museum, France
Fontainebleau Museum, France
Ennery Museum, France
Jansem Museum, Tokyo, Japan
Azumino Jansem Museum, Nagano-Ken, Japan
Pushkint Museum, Moscow, Russia
Genocide Memorial of Armenia, Yerevan, Armenia
National Museum of Yerevan, Armenia



1920              Born in Seuleuze (Bursa), former Armenian part of Turkey (Spent his early childhood in Salonique, Greece)
1936–1938     Ecole des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
1939              First painting shown at the Salon des independants, Paris
1940–1949    Attended La Grande Chaumière workshop in Montparnasse, Paris
1951              Populist Prize, France
1953              Antral Prize, France
1958              Biennale de Bruges Prize, Belgium
1958              Comparaison Prize, Mexico
1958              Voburitz Award
1958              Museum of Mexico Award
1969              Retrospective at Mitsukosi Corporation, Tokyo, Japan
1978              Opening of the Galerie Matignon, Paris to promote and distribute his work
1992              Opening of the Jansem Museum, Tokyo Ginza, Japan
1993              Opening of the Azumino Jansem Museum, Nagano-Ken, Japan
1997              Knight of the French Arts and Literature Order
2002              Emeritus Doctorate from the Republic of Armenia’s National Academy of Sciences
2003              Knight of the French Legion of Honour
2003              A series of 4 documentary films was produced about his life and work – DVD available in English, Japanese and French from Galerie
                     Matignon, Paris 
2013              Died in a suburb of Paris, France


2014   Jansem – 75 years of painting. Retrospective paintings, drawings, sculptures. Galerie Matignon, Paris.
2013   Hommage to Jansem – Galerie Matignon, Paris, France. Retrospective a his life’s work
2012   Jansem’s Studio Work – Galerie Matignon, Paris, France. Still life paintings and drawings .
2012   Art Paris Art Fair 2012, Grand Palais, Paris, presented by Galerie Matignon
2011   Jansem - Humanistic artist, organized by Antranik Youth Association, Beirut, Lebanon.
2011   100% Drawing, group exhibition, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France
2011   Engravings, group exhibition : Bernard Buffet, Salvador Dali, Jansem, Eric Lepoureau, Georges Rouault,
2011   Pascal Teffo, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2010   Put your pen to paper, group exhibition, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2010   European Fair of Contemporary Art, Saint-Brisson sur Loire, France.
2010   Jansem - Landscapes, Galerie l’Art Ancien, Orléans, France.
2010   Jansem, Château de la Barbinière, Galerie Viviane Henwood, Cholet, France
2009   Landscapes 1933-2009, paintings and drawings, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France
2008   Ballerinas 1968-2007, drawings, watercolor, pastels, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France.
2008   Jansem, Humanist Expressionist, Everard Read Gallery, Johannesburg, South Africa.
2008   Erotic drawings, Galerie Matignon, Paris, France
2007   Portraits, drawings 1947-2006, Galerie Matignon, Paris
2007   22nd. Annual Exhibition, Galerie Rienzo, New York City, NY
2006   Dancers and Landscapes, paintings, Galerie Matignon, Paris
2005   Galerie Christiane Vallé, Clermont-Ferrand
2004   Les Murs, paintings, Galerie Matignon, Paris
2004   Retrospective, Château de Vascoeuil, Eure, France
2003   The weddings, paintings, Galerie Matignon, Paris
2003   Jean Jansem: Paintings of the 1980's, Galerie Rienzo, New York City, NY
2002   Paintings and drawings, Printemps Ginza, Tokyo
2002   Massacres, National Museum, Genocide Memorial, Erevan, Armenia
2001   Paintings and drawings, Ludwig von Saarlouis Museum, Germany
2001   Massacres, Galerie Matignon and Galerie Flora J., Paris
2001   Still Lifes by Modern Masters, Galerie Rienzo, New York City, NY
2000   Jean Jansem: Paintings & Works on Paper, Galerie Rienzo, New York City, NY
2000   Mythologies, Galerie Matignon, Paris
1999   Drawings, Azumino Jansem Museum, Nagano-Ken, Japan
1998   FIAC Saga, Paris – Galerie Flora J.
1998   Printemps Ginza, Tokyo
1998   Large format paintings and drawings, Galerie Matignon, Paris
1997   Retrospective, Navio Museum, Osaka, Japan
1997   Atelier, Galerie Matignon, Paris
1997   Galerie Flora J. Paris
1996   Printemps Ginza-Mainichi Tokyo
1996   Retrospective, Azumino Jansem Museum, Nagano-Ken and Daimaru Museum, Tokyo
1995   Works on Paper, Galerie Flora J. Paris
1994   La Maison des Arts Antony
1993   Galerie Matignon Paris
1992   Galerie Flora J. Paris