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Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing original paintings by David Burliuk. 

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David Burliuk was a central figure in the history of the Russian avant-garde* movement as an accomplished poet, art critic, and exhibition organizer.  "He was one of the world's first hippies, and painted the words 'I Burliuk' on his forehead and stood on street corners reciting poetry."

He was born into a privileged class of Russian society.  His wife was educated with the Czar's children, and he was well positioned to become an artistic leader.  Burliuk studied at the Kazan School of Fine Arts in 1898, and then studied in Odessa, Moscow, Munich, and in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts*.  His early works were fauve-like, "violent in color and heavy with paint" and were exhibited with the Blue Riders in Munich.

In Russia, as a breaker of artistic tradition, he was expelled in 1911 from the Moscow Institute.  With other futurists*, he undertook a public campaign with lectures, journals and films--all focused on the craziness of modern, industrial life.

With the advent of World War I, he left Russia and traveled for four years including to Siberia, Japan, and the South Seas.  To start all over again, he moved to America in 1922 and settled on Long Island where he continued to paint until his death there in 1967. 

His subjects range from neo-primitive paintings to peasant life in Russia to futurist depictions of South Sea fishermen.  Much of his painting in Russia vanished in the Russian Revolution.  Throughout his life, Burliuk was innovative, energetic and upbeat.  In the United States, he developed his "radio style", a style that involved symbolism*, neo-primitivism, and expressionism*.  "But Burliuk's early work in pre-revolutionary experimental art was his most creative."

Michael David Zellman, 300 Years of American Art

Biography from the Archives of AskART




1882          Born in Semyrotivka, Ukraine
1898–1899 Studied at the Kazan School of Fine Arts, Tartarstan, Russia
1899–1900 Furthered his art training in Odessa, Ukraine
1902–1903 Studied in Munich, Germany
1904          Studied in Paris at the Ecole des Beaux Arts, France
1911          Became one of the founding members of the artists group Der Blaue Reiter in Munich
1910–1914 Studied in Moscow
1920          Travelled to Japan
1922          Moved to the United States and settled in Long Island, NY
1941–1967 Lived in Hampton Bays, NY
1967          Died in Long Island, NY



2009          Futurism and After: David Burliuk 1882-1967, Ukrainian Museum, New York (solo)
2008          Futurism and After: David Burliuk, 1882-1967, The Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, Canada (solo)
                 A Time to Gather..., The Russian State Museum, St. Petersburg (group)
2003          The Russian Avant Garde: Artists' Books, Prints, and Posters, 1912-1925, The Minneapolis Institute of Arts
2001          Brand 'Ukrainian, Soros Center for Contemporary Art, Kiev, Russia (group)
2000          Russian Futurism and David Burliuk, 'The Father of Russian Futurism, The State Russian Museum
1974          Harbor Gallery, Cold Spring Harbor, New York (solo)
1966          Grosvenor Gallery, London, England (solo)
1966          Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
                 David Burliuk, Galerie Gmurzynska, Koln, Colonia (solo)
1941–1961 ACA Galleries, New York, New York (solo)
1959          Stadtische Galerie und Lenbachgalerie, Munich, Germany (solo)
1958          Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA (solo
1949–1950 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA (solo)
1939–1947 Corcoran Gallery, Washington, DC (solo)
1943–1946 Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA (solo)
                  Whitney Museum of American Art, New York, NY (solo)
1944          Casson Galleries, Boston, MA (solo)
1939           Soyer Galleries, New York, New York (solo)
                  Paintings and Watercolors by David Burliuk, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA (solo)
                  The Tacoma Art Association, Tacoma, WA
                  San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
                  Philip Boyer Gallery, New York, NY (solo)
1937          The Philips Collection, Washington, D.C.
1933–1935 Dorothy Paris Gallery, New York, NY(solo)
1931          California Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum, San Francisco, CA
1930          Roerich Museum, New York, NY
1928          Charles L. Morgan Galleries, New York, NY (solo)
1927          J.B. Neumann Galley, New York, NY (solo)
                 Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
1924          Société Anonyme, New York, NY
1923          Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY
1922          Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA
1917          Exhibition with the group "Jack of Diamonds" in the artist's salon in Moscow, Russia
1914          Salon des Independants, Paris, France
1912          Blaue Reiter exhibition, Munich, Germany
1907–1909 Exhibited with the Wreath and Link groups
1908          Exhibition with the group Zveno in Kiev
1906–1907 Union of Russian Artists