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Suzanne Eisendieck was a German Post-Impressionist painter and a native of Danzig, Germany.

Suzanne Eisendieck was born in 1906 and studied at the Academie des Beaux-Arts, for a period she lived in Berlin where she held her first exhibition. Soon after she arrived in Paris with only 300 francs to her name Eisendieck developed her own unique impressionistic style. Her works are often painted in tones of tan, pink, grey and white with feverish brushstrokes depicting young girls at a ball, jugglers and acrobats or mothers and daughters by the seaside.

Her ‘Monet’ ladies continue to be popular and Suzanne Eisendieck and her late husband Dietz Edzard, the important impressionist who died in 1963, remain celebrated as two of the greatest exponents of the School of Paris capturing the ultimate in French glamour.  She lived in Paris on the Left Bank in a large apartment hung with impressionist paintings which reflected her own taste and success.

At the age of 12 when in Danzig, Suzanne Eisendieck becomes one of the youngest pupils of the painter Fritz August Pfuhle.  At the age of 21 she went to study for three years at Berlin State Academy for Fine and Applied Arts attending the class of Maximilian Klewer.  Later she traveled to Paris where she took residence in a tiny attic in the Latin Quarters near the Place St. Michel and started painting.  It was a continuous financial struggle for Suzanne until one friends organized for Madame Zak to visit her small studio. She immediately purchased 6 of her paintings and put them in her gallery at the Place Saint Germain des Près. There they were so much admired that she arranged for the first exhibition of Suzanne Eisendieck works. Followed later by a few other exhibitions at the Leicester Galleries in London.  This was also the end of a bitter hardship for the young artist and the start of great success.

Suzanne Eisendieck painted in a unique style using oil paint and occasionally pastels.  She has long been famous for her depictions of the girl at a ball, a young woman strolling in the garden, or her children at the seashore.  With a concept and a style that was always original and highly personal, her impressionist paintings involved almost tremulous brushstrokes, diffusing the subject's contours.

Her artwork is in many private collections, mostly in America.  

Suzanne Eisendieck died in Paris in 1998 and was buried in the Père Lachaise Cemetery.


1929 - Jury Free Art Show, Berlin

1932 - Madame Zak at the Place Saint Germain des Près, Paris

1934 - Leicester Galleries, London

1936 - Leicester Galleries, London

1938 - Leicester Galleries, London

1937 - Marie Harriman Gallery, New York

1939 - Marie Harriman Gallery, New York

1940 - Marie Harriman Gallery, New York

1942 - Galerie Benezit, Paris

1946 - Perls Galleries, New York

1948 - Perls Galleries, New York

1949 - Perls Galleries, New York

1950 - Gallery Vigeveno, Los Angeles

1954 - Exposition Publique Tableaux Moderners, Paris

1955 - Galerie Petrides, Paris

1956 - O’Hana Gallery, London

1959 - Hammer Galleries, New York

1959 - Findlay Galleries, New York

1959 - Findlay Galleries, Chicago

1959 - Findlay Galleries, Palm Beach

1961 - Adams Gallery, London

1962 - Galerie Abels, Cologne