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Marcel Dyf was born as Marcel Dreyfus on October 7, 1899 in Paris in an industrial family from Alsace.

He had an early skill for drawing and painting and started his career as an engineer, but soon decided to become a painter. In 1923, he settled in the south to Arles and then to Saint-Paul-de-Vence, where he remained for about twenty years. His paintings, sometimes classified as Post-Impressionist, contains scenes of folk life and folklore.

In 1935, he moved to Maximilien Luce's old studio on the Avenue du Maine in Paris. By 1940, because of the German invasion of France during the Second World War, he returned to Arles. He quickly joined the French Resistance in Corrèze and the Dordogne. He later moved back to Paris, and finally moved in Saint-Paul-de-Vence. However, in the 1950s, he started wintering in Paris and summering in Cannes, where he attracted the attention of American art collectors.

In 1954, he married Claudine (Godat) Dyf in Cannes, when she was only nineteen years old. They purchased a sixteenth-century hunting lodge in Bois-d'Arcy near Versailles, and it became their primary residence. They also summered in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence and Eygalières. By 1956, his talent had been recognized, and he made his mark on the international scene. In 1959, he moved to the Paris region in Bois d'Arcy where he worked until his death. He began exhibiting in the Salons of Paris and the French Riviera. 

He died on September 15th, 1985 in Bois-d'Arcy.

Flowers and women, folk scenes, landscapes of Provence and Brittany have all inspired this master of Impressionism. The city of Arles paid tribute Marcel Dyf in 1962 and the museum of Saint-Martin-de-Crau has a retrospective of the painter in 1995.


Born: Paris, France

Moved to Arles (Provence) and set up painting studio

Returned to Paris, where he took over Maximilien Luce’s old studio

Joined the French Résistance in Corrèze and Dordogne during WWII

Returned again to Paris, studio in Saint Paul-de-Vence, Provence, France

Attended Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh, PA 
Established studio in Cannes, France

Moved to Bois d’Arcy, near Versailles

Summers in Arzon, Bretagne, France

Died: Bois-d'Arcy, France


Smith College Museum of Art, Northhampton, MA
Musée Arlaten, Arles, France

Commissioned Murals:

Saint Martin-de-Crau (Town Hall)
Les Saintes Maries-de-la-Mer (Town Hall)
Collège Ampère (Dining Room)