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Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing paintings or drawings by Léopold Gottlieb

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Léopold Gottlieb was born in Drohobycz, Poland in 1883 and was a Polish-Jewish modernist painter.


From 1896-1902, he studied at the School of Fine Arts in Krakow, Poland.  In 1903, he continued his studies in Munich, where he earned his living painting portraits.  In 1906, he taught painting at the School of Fine Arts of Bezalel in Jerusalem; then he returned to Paris with his young wife who was a medical student.


Beginning in 1904, Gottlieb exhibited in Paris at the Salon d’Automne between 1904 and 1928, the Salon Société Nationale de Beaux-Arts 1911-12, at the Salon des Tuilleries, and the Salon d’Indépendants. During his stay in Paris, he was asscosciated with artists from Montparnasse. He became friends of  Mela Muter, Eugeniusz Zak, Moses Kisling and critic Adolf Basler. In 1914, it was reported the Gottlieb fought a duel with Moise Kisling, and there is actually a photograph of the duel.


Gottlieb exhibited with the Vienna Secession, and in Zurich, Berlin, and Berne. In 1912, he exhibited with other Polish artists at Gallery Dalmau in Barcelona.  


In the First World War he fought in the Legions de Pilsudski.  It is said he volunteered to fight on the front.


In Krakow in 1917-1919, he exhibited in group exhibitions.  In 1921-1922, he participated in exhibitions of Jewish artists in Varsovie, Poland.  He returned to France in 1926.  He exhibited at the Salon de France in 1926-1929.  In 1927 a monograph by André Salmon was published.  In 1929, Gottlieb reunited with the Polish group “Rythme” and exhibited with them in Poland.


Gottlieb died in Paris in 1934.