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Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing signed artwork by James Rizzi. 
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James Rizzi (born 1950) was a Pop Street Artist born in Brooklyn, New York and raised by a family with Irish and Italian roots.

James Rizzi went to the University of Florida (Gainesville) to study business, but quickly changed majors to fine art. It was there that he began experimenting with a style that incorporated three techniques, painting, printmaking and sculpture. His goal was to create artwork that was three-dimensional but not like free standing traditional sculpture. His intricate works consisted of carefully cut-out and attached elements, which created a rich, busy composition. His subject was most often New York City and his imagery projected his childlike imagination transforming the city itself into something wonderfully unique.

Rizzi came back to his hometown of New York for inspiration, and continued to develop his unique style begun in Gainesville. It was there that a chance meeting with an art collector would help bring Rizzi to notoriety. Rizzi was introduced to the collector’s son-in-law, which turned out to be the downtown artist Red Grooms.  This introduction not only served as an entrance into the New York art world, but to endless comparisons to Groom’s own work.

The three-dimensionality gave James Rizzi's prints a sense of movement and playfulness. Looking at one of his creations is similar to Red Grooms, however it is much more akin to looking at one of the great 20th Century surrealists like Dali, Miro or Klee (self noted influences for the artist). Viewers are attracted to his eye catching colorful quirky works because they are dense with detail and reflect the energy and life of all the diversity and human variety that is typical of New York City.

Rizzi’s style defies a truly accurate comparison due to his unique process. His 3D works began with the artist sketching the scene, including all of the figures, cars, and buildings with their own jovial personalities. Upon finishing each dizzying sketch in ink the artist finalized the color coding, which was sent to his printer. The work then went into its final stage of collaging from multiple versions of prints that yielded the final three dimensional form.

While making his name as a street artist, James Rizzi settled in the Soho district of Manhattan in 1975, where he spent the rest of his life. At this point in his career he reached his audience by participating in outdoor art shows in Brooklyn Heights and Washington Square, and sold pictures outside the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Rizzi’s celebrant artwork of New York during this period often featured specific landmarks and businesses of the time. Injecting these cultural landmarks of the downtown scene gave his work an extra layer of vibrancy and dynamism.

James Rizzi participated in numerous one-man and group shows worldwide. Some of the other highlights of his career included his 1976 participation in the exhibition "Thirty Years of American Printmaking” at the Brooklyn Museum. Among his many projects at the time was the creation of a limited edition Metrocard for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority.

In the early 80’s Rizzi designed the album cover artwork for the first album of the pop music band the Tom Tom Club and also created the animation for two of the bands music videos. In 1987, a Japanese television station produced a film about James Rizzi. He was the official artist for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta. He created a series of paintings of the opening ceremony that are now in the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Switzerland.

There were a number of significant books published about James Rizzi throughout his career. In 1988, the first book about Rizzi was published: "James Rizzi - 3D Constructions".  The second book about Rizzi was published in 1992 by Glenn O'Brien called "Rizzi".  In 1996. an impressive monograph, "The New York Paintings", revealed Rizzi's passion for his native city.  His last major book was in 2006 titled  "James Rizzi. Artwork 1993-2006".

James Rizzi was a cheerful and highly sociable figure and frequently worked for children's and Aids charities. A real innovator, James Rizzi articulated through his art, the influences and emotions experienced by all who lived or visited Manhattan.  His cityscapes reflected happy days and his trademark style is recognizable as any in the world.

He died in 2011.


Wohngalerie in Sullivan Street, SoHo, New York, NY

Thirty Years of American Printmaking, Brooklyn Museum, New York, NY

Designed the cover for the first album by Tom Tom Club

Debut of music video by Tom Tom Club Pleasures of Lovefeaturing the artist's animated drawings

Premier of TV movie Rizzi meets the Salsa, Japan

Designed the album cover for Funky Man by Dee Dee King

Publication of a book on Rizzi’s art and life in the United States, James Rizzi, 3 D-Constructions

Publication of the book Rizzi

Featured in an article in Max magazine, Germany

Designed of boxing jacket for European boxing champion Henry Maske

Designed porcelain vase, container, and pitcher for Rosenthal

Entwirft Metrocard für New York City Metro   

Designed phone card for Teleworld          

Featured in article in ‘Kunsthandel’ Humorvolle Impressionen in 3 Dimensionen by M. M. Marks, Galerie am Dom

Nomination as official artist of the Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA      

Designed poster Rizzi meets Spitzweg, Neue Pinakothek, Munich, Germany

Designed ashtray and graphics for Philipp Morris

Commissioned to design airplane for the 40th anniversary of Condor

Featured in article in ‘Kunsthandel’ Ein Kunstwerk für den Himmel, by M. M. Marks, Galerie am Dom, Wetzlar, Germany

Designed the poster and graphic for Montreux Jazz Festival

Designed the poster for New York Marathon, the graphic was sold out within 27 days

Official artist of Winter Olympics in Nagano, Japan

Official artist of Football World Cup in France, appointed by FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

Painted VW Beetle

James Rizzi - Neue und seltene 3-D-Lithographien, Galerie Peter Bäumler, Regensburg

 8 Jahre Galerie Mainz, Galerie Mainz, Berlin

James Rizzi - New York - Berlin, Art Galerie Richter, Berlin

Waydelich, de St. Phalle, Rizzi, Gerstein, Kühn, Galerie Kühn - Berlin, Berlin

Künstler der Galerie, Art Galerie Richter, Berlin

 9 Jahre Galerie Mainz, Galerie Mainz, Berlin

James Rizzi - Unikate, 3D-Grafik, Objekte, Art Galerie Richter, Berlin

Die Vögel, Galerie Kühn - Berlin, Berlin

James Rizzi, Galerie am Dom, Wetzlar

James Rizzi - 3-D-Konstruktionen und Unikate, Galerie am Dom, Wetzlar

Sommerausstellung 2003 - 20 zeitgenössische Künstler, white8 Galerie Dagmar Aichholzer, Villach

Kunst an Wümme und Weser, Galerie Kühn - Lilienthal, Bremen

My Kind of Town, Kunsthaus Schill, Stuttgart

All you need is Love, Foxx Galerie, Zürich

All you need is Love, Art Galerie Elwert, Baden-Baden


Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing 3D works or original paintings by James Rizzi.

Please call (917) 749-4577 or email us at


A sampling of the Rizzi artwork titles Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing:


40 Days and 40 Nights

4 Seasons

Adam’s Rib

A Day in the Life of the City

Alley Cats

Alligator Alley

A Lot of Fun for the City Kids

A Marathon for All

A Shore Thing

A Toast



A Walk in the Park

Bad Times

Baseball Like It Ought To Be


Basketball Jones

Bird’s Backyard

Birds on a Wire

Bon Voyage

Bottoms Up


Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn's Coney Island

Cafe in Paris

Can't Destroy Freedom


Cat’s Meow


City by the Bay

City Kids

Coney Island

Crosstown Traffic


Daddy's Country Club

Deja Vu

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Double Shift



Florida Fantasies

Flower Pot Head

Flowers for My Girl

Forty Days and Forty Nights

Four Seasons

From Me to You

Girl Next Door

Glad Sad Mad Bad

Going There Getting There And Getting Home


Good Day

Good Kitty

Good Night Moon

Good Times

Good Wheels


Halloween in the U.S.A.

Help Yourself

Holiday on Ice

Hot Dog

Hot Time Summer in the City

Hound Dog

I Give You the Sun and the Moon

It Ain't East Getting Rich

It Ain't Over Till It's Over

It Happens Every Spring

It’s a Jungle Out There

It’s Me

It's Raining Cats, and Dogs

It’s So Hard to be a Saint in the City

It's the Altitude

It's Time to Buy a New TV

Jail Ain't Happy

Junk Yard Dogs


Kiss Kiss


Letting Off Steam


Life on the Water

Living Near the Water

Look of Love

Love & Marriage

Lucky in Love

Lunch Break

Main Street

Me at My Show

Meat Me at the Club

Moo Moo Moo

Movin' On

Moving Up

My House

New Kid in Town


Night Fishin’

Night Out

Nothing Lasts Forever

Old Friend

Oncoming Traffic

On the Beach

On the Road Again

On the Town

On the Waterfront

One Man’s Ceiling is Another Man’s Floor

One Man's Floor is Another Man's Ceiling

Once Upon a Time in the Land of Make Believe

Outgoing Traffic

Painting the Town


Par 4 the Course


Party Time

Passion Fruit

Peek a Boo


Rainbow Regatta

Rolling on the River

Room with a View

Running Thru America

Seven Beauties

Sidewalk Café

Ski Weekend

Smell the Flowers

Somtimes It's the Sand

Space War



Summer and Winter Wonderland

Sun Daze

Sunset Live

Sunset Sail

Take Me to the River

Take the A Train to Harlem


Team Photo

Tell Me It's Raining



That's Amore

The Apple Does Not Fall Far from the Tree

The Beach

The Big Apple

The Brooklyn Bridge

The City That Never Sleeps

The Great American Pastime

The Harbor

The Kiss

The Neighborhood

The New Kid in Town

The Proud Valley

The Same Wind Blows Around the World

To Be a Kid Again


Traffic + Noise

Trash Can School

Trick or Treat

Uptown, Downtown, Eastside, Westside

Up, Up and Away

Waiting on Line

Wall Flowers

Washington Ain't No Square Park

Watch Your Back

Water Under the Bridge

Welcome to the Big Apple

We Who Love the Big Apple

When the Circus Comes to Town

When Living is Easy

Which Way is UP

Wild and Crazy Dancing Buildings


Women Who Work Out

You Can't Destroy Freedom