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Jakob Steinhardt was born in Zerkow, Germany in 1887. He began his studies at the School of Art in Berlin in 1906, and would later go on to study in Paris and Italy. He had the pleasure and good forture to study with many modern masters of the day including Lovis Corinth, Herman Stuck, Henri Laurens, Theophile Steinlen, and Henri Mattise.

Upon completing his education Jakob Steinhardt returned to Berlin and founded the Pathetiker (the sorrow ones), which was an artist collective of fellow expressionist painters Ludwig Meidner and Richard Janthur. Steinhardt enlisted in the army during WWI as a war artist, depicting scenes from the front.

During the war Steinhardt got an up-close look at many of the Jewish shtetl communities in Lithuania. This exposure would have a profound effect on the artist for the rest of his life.

Jakob Steinhardt is most known for his woodcuts depicting biblical and Jewish subjects. These woodcuts were masterful in the emotion they evoke of lost Jewish cultures. Steinhardt worked in the fashion after immigrating to Palestine in 1933. He became a member of the Bezalel school group and would go on to found his own art school in Jerusalem.

Steinhardt became the chairman of the Graphics Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in 1948. He would also serve as head of the school from 1953 to 1957. The artist was recognized during his career receiving the International prize in graphic art at the 1955 Sau Paulo Biennale and later the liturgical award for woodcuts at the 1960 Venice Biennale.


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