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Asad Azi, Israeli (born 1955) is known for Painting.

Asad Azi, born in the Druze village of Shefa-‘Am in 1955, a graduate of Haifa and Tel Aviv universities. 

He was one of the founders of the Rega Group (moment), an art gallery that served as a space for artistic and political discussions. In 1982 he was involved in the strike by the Druze population in the Golan Heights and was one of the implementers of the first festival of “The Center for the Palestinian Heritage” in Taibe. In 1986 he represented Israel in the Venice Biennale.  

Azi has worked primarily in the medium of painting. His figurative works deal primarily with the concept of self-identity in the expressive style. In his work he combines images and connections from the history of European art with folkloristic images taken from Druze society. Azi’s work reflects an interest in the interplay of fine and low art, identity and cross culturalism, through his use of folk, oriental and western elements, often in ornamental collages.  In his work one can find classical aspects combined with decorative elements from the Islamic.

Asad Azi was the recipient of the 1990 Kolliner Prize for Young Israeli Artists. Azi now lives and works in Jaffa and is an art professor in various institutions. He has participated in over a 150 group and solo exhibitions in Israel, Germany, Italy, USA, Russia and Spain. He has also been granted numerous awards and prizes over the years for his talent and craftsmanship.



1976-80 Haifa University

1981-82 Tel Aviv University, art and philosophy

1987 Beit Berl Art College, Tel Hai Art College



1987- The School of Art – Hamidrasha, Beit Berl College

1987- Tel-Hai College

2014- The Department of Fine Arts, University of Haifa Kaye Academic College of Education, Beer Sheva Meimad Art School



1987 Yad Layaad Prize awarded by the President of Isarel

1990 Beatrice Kolliner Prize for a Young Israeli Artist, Israel Museum, Jerusalem

1993 Rotary Prize, Rotary Association in Israel

1996 Prize for the Encouragement of Creative Art, Ministry of Education and Culture

2000 Prize, Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport

2013 Award, The Council of Art and Culture at the National Lottery