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Beloosesky Gallery is interested in purchasing paintings by Aharon Halevy. 
Please call (917) 749-4557 or email us at


Aharon Halevy was born in Romania in 1887 and emigrated to Eretz, Israel in 1906. He studied at Bezalel in 1906 and worked there from 1912 to 1914. Typical of his style is romaticised and idealistic portrayals of the local landscape.

Yona Fisher associates Halevy with a group he names the Idealists, ' The painters of the Twenties who formed themselves into a distinct group may well be termed the Idealists....The Idealists, however, sought to express the Israeli landscape, searching for colours and tones typical of the country, and merging figures with primarily exotic and narrative overtones into these landscapes...The names of Levi-Opel and Aharon Halevi were no doubt forgotten in the emergence of later Israeli styles. Yet these two founded a whole school of painting destined to leave a decisive influence upon Israeli landscape painting...the work of Reuven Rubin and Nahum Gutman is characteristic of this school." (Yona Fisher 'Painting' in Benjamin Tammuz & Max Wykes-Joyce, ed., Art in Israel, Tel Aviv, 1963, pp.18-19).

Aharon Halevy died in 1957.